Understanding Passover

Good Friday & Easter Sunday

Guest Writer:  Suzanne Wantland

Digging into what we have been taught.  I have said many times that we might be stretched as we study Scriptures.  This is one such moment.  I do not mean to shake the apple cart – but when you begin to look at the Old Testament in line with the New Testament – you sometimes realize that what we have been taught might not align 100% with Scripture.

For instance – Jesus was not born on December 25th.  I hope I didn’t shake your foundation too much.  But we know from Scripture that it would be impossible for Mary and Joseph to be traveling during December.  History shows they were heading to be counted for the census.  Luke describes the story of Joseph and a pregnant Mary making a three-day journey away from their home in Nazareth to register in their ancestral home Bethlehem. That specific census would not have been in December.  Many scholars teach that it was probably during the Fall. (We will dig deeper into this on a different post).

So – pray before you read my next words.  Father, we want to be led into all YOUR Truth.  Your Word – Old and New Testament – are the infallible Word of God.  There are no mistakes. Help us have ears to hear and eyes to see what You need us to know so we may grow and learn Your Ways, in the Name above all names – Jesus Christ.  Amen.

Okay, so here goes…. Jesus did not die on Good Friday.  There – I said it.  Please go to the Word to test this.  The Bible commands in the Old Testament when Passover happens. Part of Passover is the lambs being slaughtered.  Jesus fulfills Passover 100%.  Not an hour nor a day short.  According to Scripture – Old Testament and application of the understanding learned in Old Testament teachings – Jesus died on the Hebrew day that the lambs were slaughtered and their blood poured out – to be placed upon the door posts at the start of the Exodus story.  Thus, Jesus was crucified on the fourteenth day of Nisan at the same time when the Passover lambs were being slaughtered in Jerusalem. Passover started at sunset.  Jesus was put into the tomb at sunset.  Scripture then goes on to state that Jesus was in the tomb for three days and three nights.  And then on the 8th day – the women coming to anoint His body in the tomb – saw the tomb was empty.  Mary saw Him.  The 8th day was early, early Sunday Morning.  Count back 3 days and 3 nights.  No way was Jesus crucified on a Friday.

The Gregorian Calendar and the Romans Leaders changed things.  I won’t get into the why or how…. but I will say this – the biggest take away – He was RESURRECTED on what we know to be Sunday Morning.  So, we celebrate in remembrance – Resurrection Sunday!  And we also celebrate Passover.

When I explained this all to my children, my son said this very wisely and simply. “I was born on April 21. It was a Friday. But we don’t celebrate and honor the 3rd Friday in April.  We celebrate the 21st of April.  It might be on a Monday or any other day of the week and it is super cool when it falls on the 3rd Friday in April, but again it is the physical #21 of the month of April that counts as a new year of life.”  And here is a cool side note fact – in 2027, his birthday happens to fall on Passover but that is not true every year!

My Bible tells me to test all things.  Here are Scriptures for you to research:

    • Leviticus 23:5 “
    • Exodus 12:6-14 
    • Exo 23:14,17, Exo 34:22, Deut 16:16 
    • Luke 22:7-13
    • Luke 22:41-42
    • Exodus 12:2-7, 22-24
    • Exodus 12:42-51
    • Exodus 12:14-20 
    • Exodus 32:11-34:10
    • Further New Testament Readings:  Mt 26:18, Mk 14:22–23, 1 Cor 11:24–25

And in case you want to know, here is a resource to know when Passover starts each year.  https://www.hebcal.com/holidays/pesach  Remember, it begins in the evening at Sundown. This Hebrew calendar is pretty reliable.

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    A lot to chew on as this kinda dismantles all that I have ever believed. Will be praying and studying to test it all.

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