The Lord is so very good to call us to reach the lost, the lonely, the dying, as well as His beloved ones.  Go forth and share the Gospel is each of our commissions.  To minister truth – His Truth.  At Psalms Cast we do this by our podcast. We do this by sending Bibles to those who do not have one.  While we would love to send everyone a new Bible – we have found a place for well-loved Bibles.

This ministry has reached people near to us in Georgia and as far away as Kenya.  We are working on a map – not to brag – but to stand in awe of God and His guidance and direction!

For instance, in a one month period, February 27 – March 27, 2021, we have reach 1,274 people.  Most are from the United States, but we also have reached those in Sweden, France, Spain, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Malta, Eritrea, Slovenia, India and South Africa. If you notice, several of those countries are not classified as Christian countries.  That is God moving to spread His Word to the ends of the earth!

For our Bible Ministry – we have predominantly sent Bibles to those in the United States.  It is our desire to make sure that all who need a Bible have one!


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