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The Lord is so very good to call us to reach the lost, the lonely, the dying, those who know Him and walk with Him and those who don’t. yet.  Go forth and share the Gospel is each of our commissions.  To minister truth – His Truth.  At Psalms Cast we do our part. Through this podcast. By sending Bibles.  Through prayer. By sharing resources.

One listener at a time. While Psalms Cast may be small in number – we have connected with people near to us in Georgia and across the United States to California and Maine and as far away as Russia and Austraila. Sharing God’s Word – 5 Psalms at a time.

Our Reach. It varies from day to day and month to month.  Some days we have hundreds of listeners, and some days – only one or two people join us seeking God. seeking Hope. seeking solace.  As we finish out the celebration of our 2 year anniversary – February 27 – March 27, 2021, we have reach 1,274 people.  Most are from the United States, but we also have reached those in Sweden, France, Spain, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Malta, Eritrea, Slovenia, India and South Africa. If you notice, several of those countries are not classified as Christian countries.  That is God moving to spread His Word to the ends of the earth… and using our podcast in that call.

Our Bible Ministry. We have predominantly sent Bibles to those in the United States.  It is our desire to make sure that all who need a Bible have one. We have volunteers who collect Bibles for us. Some are new, some are slightly used and some are well-loved.  It is our hope that every home on this planet has the Word of God in it – not just sitting on a shelf – but being read, “eaten” and transforming lives like it has our own.

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Prayer is integral to all ministry. It is all about partnering with God in His ministry to people. Jesus came to destroy the works of Satan and reconcile the world to himself. As his followers, He fills us with his Spirit, and sends us out in his authority to do what he did.


Together at Psalms Cast our prayer ministry is a three-way relationship. Together we all partner with God in his ministry to others.  We partner to pray for you and your land. You partner with us to pray for us and the ministry of Psalms Cast!

Prayer Team
Bibles & Hosting

Our ministry has always been self-supported. We are thankful to the Lord for this gracious gift. But as we seek the Lord, He has shown us that He is broadening our tent posts and has ministered to ask for help!


Bibles & Postage. We send Bible to those in need of one.

Hosting, Equipment & Software. We were so blessed to have these donated the first two years but now we have expenses as we grow.

Budget. It is our desire to be 100% transparent.  So many ministries have to pay for staff.  That is not Psalms Cast.  We are voluntarily giving our time & talent. Our hope is that actual costs incurred will be met by our partners.


One of our next things we hope to do is provide a broader platform to connect and support those who are seeking to go deeper with God through the Psalms. We are creating a forum/community board. A place to share resources, pray together and connect.


While we do this with Psalms Cast on Facebook and through another group’s page, we are embarking on a platform here that will be outside the scope of social media.  We want freedom to share thoughts and dialogue about God’s Word and this world without censorship.  We hope this is where we can do that together.

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