You Are Here For A Reason!

Whether you are brand new to the Psalms or you’ve studied God’s Word including the Psalms for many years; we want to say welcome! We are pretty sure that Holy Spirit led us each here for this very hour!!!

Our goal for Psalms Cast is to create an environment and experience where you can encounter God in the midst of your life. When you come to Psalms Cast either through our Podcast, our social media pages or this site, it is our aim is that you would encounter the One true, loving & living God, be inspired by His Word and be encouraged by this community.

It is our hope that we each are reminded that His grace is here and is sufficient and that you aren’t alone!


Our community is growing day by day and we simply invite you to come as you are to our. You don’t need to be put together to do life with us. If you’re on the fence at all, we want you to hear us say…JUST COME! Our Heavenly Father has used the Psalms for generation after generation to speak words of comfort and truth to His children. We are alike in that we are REAL people, with REAL problems pursuing the One who offers REAL HOPE!


We love exploring not only God's Word but the vast application of it. We post many different resources that minister to us, grow us, sometimes stretch our thinking but more importantly confirm His truth - from Genesis to Revelation - with Psalms right in the middle!
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